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Sales, Marketing and Advertising [SMAD]

Code Programme Title Duration      1st Quarter      2nd Quarter       3rd Quarter      4th Quarter
    Weeks Start Finish Start Finish Start Finish Start Finish
SMAD01  Managing the Salesforce 2 11-Jan 22-Feb 4-Apr 15-Apr 4-Jul 7/13/ 3-Oct 14-Oct
      8-Feb 19-Feb 13-Jun 24-Jun 8-Aug 19-Aug 14-Nov 2-Dec
SMAD02 Sales Management Skills 2 25-Jan 5-Feb 18-Apr 5/11/ 18-Jul 29-Jul 30-Oct 18-Nov
      22-Feb 4-Mar 16-May 27-May 5-Sep 16-Sep 21-Nov 2-Dec
SMAD03  Sales Techniques 2 8-Feb 19-Feb 2-May 13-May 7/30/ 12-Aug 10-Oct 21-Oct
      14-Mar 25-Mar 6-Jun 24-Jun 12-Sep 23-Sep 14-Nov 2-Dec
SMAD04 Marketing Communication 3 25-Jan 12-Feb 18-Apr 6-May 11-Jul 29-Jul 10-Oct 28-Oct
      7-Mar 25-Mar 30-May 24-Jun 12-Sep 30-Sep 30-Oct 2-Dec
SMAD05 Consumer & Buyer Behavior 2 11-Jan 22-Feb 11-Apr 22-Apr 18-Jul 29-Jul 10-Oct 21-Oct
      8-Feb 19-Feb 30-May 10-Jun 22-Aug 2-Sep 14-Nov 2-Dec
SMAD06 Sponsorship, Direct mail, Internet, Direct marketing, Advertising, Direct Response 4 11-Jan 5-Feb 11-Apr 6-May 18-Jul 12-Aug 10-Oct 4-Nov
      7-Mar 1-Apr 23-May 24-Jun 22-Aug 16-Sep 14-Nov 9-Dec
SMAD07 PR planning and Strategy 4 25-Jan 19-Feb 4-Apr 29-Apr 18-Jul 12-Aug 24-Oct 18-Nov
      7-Mar 1-Apr 6-Jun 6/29/ 5-Sep 30-Sep 21-Nov 16-Dec
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