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    Objective: Finding good business ideas and personal assesment of individuals potential to be in business.
Generate Your Business Idea Development and analysis of good business ideas. General Topics:
    What is a business idea, identify good business ideas, Are You the right person to start a business, Generate your own business ideas, Analyse business ideas to select the best.
    Objective: the improvement of a business through understanding of all the requirements needed to start.
Start Your Business Entrepreneurship Skills Development General Topics
    Characteristics of an entrepreneur, The feasibility study, The marketing Plan, Forms of Business, Legal Responsibilities, Sources of start up capital, Costing.
    Objective: Business improvement and better management skills development.
Improve Your Business Business Growth and Development General Topics: Buying, Marketing, Costing , Stock Control, Record Keeping
    Objective: General understanding of a projects and its phases and what has to be done at each phase.
Project Management Project Preparation and implementation General Topics: What is a Project, Different types of projects, Project Life Cycle, Project Identification, Project Planning, Project Implementation and Control, Project Completion.
    Objective: Groups are more effective in solving problems and learn more rapidly than individuals.
Group Dynamics Effective group/team management. General Topics: Observing and analyzing group Dynamics, Key characteristics of an effective group, Creating an effective group, Dealing with disruptive behaviours, Techniques to improve group/team decision making.
    Objective: basic skills in financial management, cash management and bookkeeping.
Financial Management Raising and allocation of organization resources. Importance of Budgeting. How to develop a Budget, Managing Money, Record Keeping..


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